If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

On this episode, Byrd and Trev discuss an assload of new trailers including Ghost Rider 2, Dracula 3D, Men In Black III, Expendables 2, the Dictator, Jack the Giant Killer, Cabin in the Woods, and the Dark Knight Rises, ponder the director turmoil surrounding Thor 2, Trev reviews the new Sherlock Holmes film, and the duo review Lars Von Trier's apocalyptic drama Melancholia.

On this episode, Byrd and Trev discuss the pitched Starship Troopers and American Psycho remakes, and the Munsters plot synopsis, Byrd reviews the indie thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene, and the discuss the wild and varied filmography of Takashi Miike, including reviewing his new superhero comedy Zebraman 2.

On this episode of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Trev reviews Alexander Payne's The Descendants, Byrd reviews Martin Scorsese's new 3D film Hugo, and the two review the horror-comedy anthology Chillerama.  

On this episode Byrd and Trev talk about the Muppets, Dark Knight Rises plot details, review Pedro Almodóvar's new Spanish horror/thriller The Skin I Live In.  But first, they address the dangers of watching 15 straight hours of Star Wars and whether or not they would eat the flesh of Steven Spielberg.

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On this episode, Byrd and Trev deliver a free form discussion that covers many topics including Puss n Boots, the Munsters reboot, Three Stooges, Dark Shadows, 2016- the insane Alien/Terminator film from Ghana, Blade Runner 2, the Hannibal TV show, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, more on the Evil Dead remake, and wondering what the deal is with Mickey Rourke.

On this episode, Byrd and Trev give their thoughts on the Walking Dead and American Horror Story so far and concept art for the abandoned Crow reboot, Trev reviews the recent sci-fi film In Time, and the two review the recent Edgar Wright produced creature feature Attack the Block.  After that its all downhill as the podcast goes totally off the rails as the two discuss the nature of fan films as Byrd tries, and ultimately fails to describe why they annoy him, in a debate that pretty much goes nowhere.  This is what happens when a podcast self destructs.  We're not perfect!

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On this episode, Byrd and Trev discuss a wide variety of topics including news about the Maniac remake, the proposed Punisher TV series, the Akira remake, Benicio Del Toro possibly being cast in the new Star Trek, the perplexing Youtube trend of people opening DVDs and showing their DVD collections, and why nerds feel like their favorite properties need to be darker to be cool.

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On this Halloween episode, Byrd and Trev talk Evil Dead remake news, give a slew of horror movie recommendations, talk about what they like to watch on Halloween and do horror movie lightning rounds.  Don't miss this spooktacular episode!  Happy Halloween!


Intro- Misfits: "Halloween"

Outro- Vincent Price's "Thriller Laugh" and John Carpenter's "Halloween Theme"

On the evening of October 23rd, 2011, horror fans Kyle Byrd and Trevor Snyder recorded a podcast containing Halloween movie recommendations, opinions on the Season Two premiere of The Walking Dead and a discussion on the "found footage" trend in the horror genre. They were never heard from again. This is that recording.


Intro: Roky Erickson- "Night of the Vampire"

Outro: Type O Negative- "All Hallow's Eve"





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Join us for another horror-centric October podcast as Byrd and Trev review Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), give another big round of horror movie recommendations, and briefly touch on the Avengers trailer and the Thing "premake."

Intro- Fantomas- "Spider Baby"

Outro- Misfits- "London Dungeon"

On this episode, Byrd and Trev pay tribute to recently deceased B-movie icon David Hess, review the long awaited director's cut of Guillermo del Toro's Mimic, Trev gives a belated review of Scream 4, and the two review the recently released thriller A Horrible Way To Die.  And its October, so that means another massive round of horror movie recommendations!  

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Byrd and Trev kick off an October of Halloween-themed shows, which means even more horror talk than usual. This week, the two recommend some lesser-known fright flicks and review the current release Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. But first, Trev defends himself against Byrd's accusations of being a necrophile!

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On this episode, Trev and Byrd have a free form discussion that includes discussing the merits (or lack thereof) full screen DVDs, the recent director change for Thor 2, and contemplating whether or not Marvel truly knows what they are doing with their Avengers properties.  And of course, the IMDB post of the week.

On this episode, Trev and Byrd discuss the confusing wide release of the film Creature, the perplexing existence of movie novelizations and give reviews for Steven Soderberg's virus epic Contagion and the new crime drama Drive starring Ryan Gosling.  Also, some brief news about the Walking Dead and the Evil Dead remake and IMDB Post of the Week.

With Byrd off in Vegas living his version of "The Hangover," Trev invites Brad to guest host the show and defend his "love" for AMC in the Walking Dead showdown.  They also discuss the future of the X-Men franchise and why its future may not necessarily be a sequel to X-Men: First Class or even with Professor X and Magneto involved. Last but not least, they break down the new Fall TV shows and tell you what they're excited to see...and what they're not (SPOILER: Glee). 

This week Byrd and Trev discuss the changes made to the new Star Wars Blu-Rays, more in the ongoing Walking Dead drama, and the biggest bombs of the summer.  Also, recurring segments, IMDB post of the week with two brilliant Shark Night 3D reviews, and We Don't Get It, this week examining steampunk.





On this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev plead for Dan Aykroyd to stop talking about Ghostbusters 3, discuss the new Superman costume, the awfulness of the new Hellraiser movie and debut new segments, IMDB Post of the Week, and We Don't Get It, which focuses on the Archie Comics phenomenon this week.  After all that mayhem, the two review the new Guillermo del Toro written/produced remake of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.  Don't miss it.





On this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev weigh in on the news oft a possible Batman/Superman movie and a Blade Runner sequel, Trev reviews Final Destination 5, the duo review the Fright Night remake, speculate on why that film and the new Conan reboot bombed at the box office and talk about the current place that remakes have in Hollywood.  Also, Byrd's mom randomly interrupts the podcast to tell us why the first Mortal Kombat movie is great.  And what does Lisa Loeb have to do with any of this?  Listen to find out!


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On this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd, Trev and guest host Erichka discuss the recent plague of nerd rage, the new Thor 2 director, new revelations about the behind the scenes shakeup with the Walking Dead, give recommendations to James Gunn's Super and the documentary Zombie Girl, and talk Planet of the Apes with a retrospective on the series and a review of the new film.  Listen up!





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It's time for SummerSlam and Brad, Trev, Ryan and Justin get together for a full preview of the summer's biggest WWE Event.  Find out why the crew is divided over how WWE has handled the CM Punk/John Cena storyline, and what we think will happen in SummerSlam's main event.   Also we debate after  one of us reveals he doesn't think Christian belongs in the main event.  That and we'll go over the rest of the card and throw in some matches we think may happen as well.  Oh, and we'll spoil SmackDown for you.  That said we promise no spiders on this episode so all you R-Truth fans are good to go!

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On this debate heavy edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev talk Green Lantern 2 news, praise Jim Mickle's apocalyptic vampire movie Stake Land, argue over modern racial casting in Hollywood and its place in pre-existing franchises, and review Cowboys and Aliens.  Because you demanded it, this episode has 50% more arguing than usual!





In the fourth episode of Hell in a Podcast, Brad, Ryan and Trev debate the speed of CM Punk's return to the WWE, his ascension to being WWE's #1 star and his upcoming  "champion vs. champion" match with John Cena.  Also they debate who has the best and worst theme music, the future of R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus....and unfortunately discuss Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler. 

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On this edition of If It Bleed, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev speculate on the Spider-Man reboot, review Captain America, talk the Walking Dead's personnel change, and Trev tells tales from San Diego Comic-Con... and Power Rangers.

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On this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd sits down with Culture Wege contributor and Detroit artist Erichka Ilich, who is fillin in for Trev as co-host while he is cavorting around San Diego Comic Con.  They talk about their recent trip to Chicago for G-Fest, the annual Godzilla convention, and they debate how the new American Godzilla film should be hanled.  This is Erichka's first podcast, so she was a bit shy and jittery, but she does a splendid job all the same.  Get ready for a kaiju packed episode with the usual nerd debating!






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Brad and Trev breakdown an amazing Money in the Bank PPV.  They discuss the future of CM Punk, why John Cena isn't all so bad, and why Randy Orton shouldn't just kick someone in the dick. Also they discuss the winners of the two Money in the Bank matches and gloss over Mark Henry and the Divas as well.

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In this edition of Hell in a Podcast, Brad, Dave, Justin and Trev preview Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV.  Can CM Punk defeat John Cena?  Will Christian FINALLY beat Randy Orton?  Why does Dave like Jack Swagger?  We try and answer all those questions and more. 

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Because the listeners demanded it, a super-sized edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.  This time, Byrd and Trev discuss Clint  Eastwood's connection to the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, wonder why the Thing prequel exists, argue over Diablo Cody writing the new Evil Dead, and review The Ward and ponder John Carpenter's current place in the horror scene.  Trev also pitches his big budget Power Rangers movie!

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In this edition of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev review Hobo With A Shotgun, the pitfalls of the faux grindhouse movie trend, discuss the Alien franchise, and speculate on Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus.  Suprisingly they don't argue as much in this episode, but don't let that keep you from listening!


e-mail: culturewege@gmail.com

twitter: twitter.com/culturewedge

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On the second episode of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, Byrd and Trev debate Michael Bay's place in the world, Trev reviews Transformers 3, get confounded by Spielberg's War Horse trailer, the two try to make sense of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre plot summary, and Trev unknowingly wishes death on one of his idols.

In the first episode of Hell in a Podcast, Brad and Ryan discuss CM Punk's shoot promo on Monday Night RAW, and the future of Punk in the WWE.  Also where does R-Truth go from here?  Is Alex Riley the next big face for RAW?  Why is Jack Swagger still on my TV?  We try and answer those questions and much much more (including why we hate TNA) on the world of wrestling.

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In the first episode of If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, a Culture Wedge podcast, Byrd and Trev discuss whether Spielberg's influence will help or hurt Falling Skies, if hipsters' detached irony is ruining the things they love, the hits and misses of Time Magazine's Top 25 Animated Films of All Time list, and the new trailers for Captain America and A Dangerous Method. Oh, and they also ask Blake Lively to send them more "candid" photos.