If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

On this episode, Trev and Byrd have a free form discussion that includes discussing the merits (or lack thereof) full screen DVDs, the recent director change for Thor 2, and contemplating whether or not Marvel truly knows what they are doing with their Avengers properties.  And of course, the IMDB post of the week.

On this episode, Trev and Byrd discuss the confusing wide release of the film Creature, the perplexing existence of movie novelizations and give reviews for Steven Soderberg's virus epic Contagion and the new crime drama Drive starring Ryan Gosling.  Also, some brief news about the Walking Dead and the Evil Dead remake and IMDB Post of the Week.

With Byrd off in Vegas living his version of "The Hangover," Trev invites Brad to guest host the show and defend his "love" for AMC in the Walking Dead showdown.  They also discuss the future of the X-Men franchise and why its future may not necessarily be a sequel to X-Men: First Class or even with Professor X and Magneto involved. Last but not least, they break down the new Fall TV shows and tell you what they're excited to see...and what they're not (SPOILER: Glee). 

This week Byrd and Trev discuss the changes made to the new Star Wars Blu-Rays, more in the ongoing Walking Dead drama, and the biggest bombs of the summer.  Also, recurring segments, IMDB post of the week with two brilliant Shark Night 3D reviews, and We Don't Get It, this week examining steampunk.