If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

On this Halloween episode, Byrd and Trev talk Evil Dead remake news, give a slew of horror movie recommendations, talk about what they like to watch on Halloween and do horror movie lightning rounds.  Don't miss this spooktacular episode!  Happy Halloween!


Intro- Misfits: "Halloween"

Outro- Vincent Price's "Thriller Laugh" and John Carpenter's "Halloween Theme"

On the evening of October 23rd, 2011, horror fans Kyle Byrd and Trevor Snyder recorded a podcast containing Halloween movie recommendations, opinions on the Season Two premiere of The Walking Dead and a discussion on the "found footage" trend in the horror genre. They were never heard from again. This is that recording.


Intro: Roky Erickson- "Night of the Vampire"

Outro: Type O Negative- "All Hallow's Eve"





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Join us for another horror-centric October podcast as Byrd and Trev review Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), give another big round of horror movie recommendations, and briefly touch on the Avengers trailer and the Thing "premake."

Intro- Fantomas- "Spider Baby"

Outro- Misfits- "London Dungeon"

On this episode, Byrd and Trev pay tribute to recently deceased B-movie icon David Hess, review the long awaited director's cut of Guillermo del Toro's Mimic, Trev gives a belated review of Scream 4, and the two review the recently released thriller A Horrible Way To Die.  And its October, so that means another massive round of horror movie recommendations!  

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Byrd and Trev kick off an October of Halloween-themed shows, which means even more horror talk than usual. This week, the two recommend some lesser-known fright flicks and review the current release Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. But first, Trev defends himself against Byrd's accusations of being a necrophile!

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