If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

Byrd, Trev, and special guest and Academy Awards fan Justin break down everything about the Oscars.  We talk the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Academy Awards past, present and future.

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Byrd and Trev review the new African zombie film The Dead, and dive head first into Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.  They also ponder Nicolas Cage's career choices, and the future of the Ghost Rider franchise.  All this and some ongoing commentary on the first Ghost Rider film, which just happened to be on television.  But before all that is some talk of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and the worst post-Blade Marvel films.


Intro: Rollins Band- Ghost Rider (Suicide cover)

Outro: Suicide- Ghost Rider

On this episode, Byrd, Trev, and special guest Star Wars fanboy Ryan talk the good, the bad, and the ugly of The Phantom Menace 3D and the Star Wars franchise.  But first, post-Super Bowl weekend trailer talk, including the Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, John Carter, and Wrath of the Titans

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On this episode, Byrd and Trev review the Grey, Chronicle and the new Hammer film, the Woman In Black.  First there is some brief news regarding the Evil Dead remake, the Munsters reboot, Cloverfield 2, and the passing of Bill Hinzman.  DISCLAIMER:  There were some unpredictable technical problems during the recording, so there are a few minutes that have heavy static.  But they don't last long, so bear with us!

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On this episode, Byrd reviews the new David Cronenberg film, A Dangerous Method, and Byrd and Trev discuss the Oscar Nominees, news on Dr Strange and The Amazing Spider-Man, and Nicholas Cage being crazy, among other assorted topics.