If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (wwe)

It's time for SummerSlam and Brad, Trev, Ryan and Justin get together for a full preview of the summer's biggest WWE Event.  Find out why the crew is divided over how WWE has handled the CM Punk/John Cena storyline, and what we think will happen in SummerSlam's main event.   Also we debate after  one of us reveals he doesn't think Christian belongs in the main event.  That and we'll go over the rest of the card and throw in some matches we think may happen as well.  Oh, and we'll spoil SmackDown for you.  That said we promise no spiders on this episode so all you R-Truth fans are good to go!

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In the fourth episode of Hell in a Podcast, Brad, Ryan and Trev debate the speed of CM Punk's return to the WWE, his ascension to being WWE's #1 star and his upcoming  "champion vs. champion" match with John Cena.  Also they debate who has the best and worst theme music, the future of R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus....and unfortunately discuss Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler. 

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In this edition of Hell in a Podcast, Brad, Dave, Justin and Trev preview Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV.  Can CM Punk defeat John Cena?  Will Christian FINALLY beat Randy Orton?  Why does Dave like Jack Swagger?  We try and answer all those questions and more. 

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In the first episode of Hell in a Podcast, Brad and Ryan discuss CM Punk's shoot promo on Monday Night RAW, and the future of Punk in the WWE.  Also where does R-Truth go from here?  Is Alex Riley the next big face for RAW?  Why is Jack Swagger still on my TV?  We try and answer those questions and much much more (including why we hate TNA) on the world of wrestling.

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